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Oak-Framed buildings.


Your garden building project is in good hands with us. Our services cover all project phases from planning the design, to the ground works and services, to the completion of your solid garden building.


All our buildings how ever small are all on site construction, this advantage is there are no straight joins in the cladding were usually covered by a strip of timber with pre made panels

you will see your building constructed from start to finish and the flexibility of making design decisions as the building progresses.


All our products are bespoke individually tailored to suit all your requirements.


We offer the complete package from the groundwork's, full lining and insulating your building. Together with the electrics, plumbing and heating, so your Garden Building can be used all year round.


Solid Garden Buildings stay focused on your wishes and your requirements at all times.


See for yourself what professional creativity means in our hands have a look at our gallery or even our bespoke garden buildings designs. 


We offer our services within a wide area for Garden Buildings in East Sussex & Garden Buildings in Kent.

All of our Buildings are individually tailored to suit your requirements, this provides many choices of cladding to choose from depending on the style your trying to achieve. We can fully line and insulate your building from floor to ceiling; this coupled with the electrics, plumbing, light fittings and heating. That is installed by our qualified electrician who will certificate the works, this ensures your Solid Garden building is for use all year round.


You can choose the finish of your roof from slates, tiles or ceder shingles. All our Bespoke garden buildings are available to have double doors and opening windows with double glazed and a choice of finished colours available you can also decide on the style of these.


We can finish your  bespoke garden building to an excellent standard by fitting solid wood skirting and coving, finishing your floor with a lacquer, using solid brass furniture on the doors and windows, fitting guttering and painting your Garden Building with our Sandtex or sadolin colour system, which has an unrivalled longevity and is available in many beautiful colours to compliment your surroundings.

We can add design elements into your build such as insetting your doors, adding corner posts, extra doors and windows, building in an extra roof overhang or a veranda. We can also personalise your Garden Building by adding extra rooms within it or installing Velux windows.


All our buildings are on site construction, giving you the option to see the construction from start to finish and enabling the choice to make minor design alterations throughout the build.

We would be happy to discuss these with you and help you plan your perfect Bespoke Garden Building. We offer our services whether that be groundworks, patios, decking or a bespoke garden buildings in Kent and East Sussex.


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We offer the complete package from the groundwork's, Landscaping, Bases, full lining and insulating your building. Together with the electrics, plumbing and heating, so your Garden Building can be used all year round.

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                                    THERMOWOOD TIMBER CLADDING 


ThermoWood® is a modified wood produced by heat treating Scandinavian softwood (either whitewood or redwood) in a kiln at a very high temperature. The heat goes to the core of the wood, drying out any moisture and resin.The result is reduced moisture content of approximately 7-10% and enhanced physical properties, creating a product that is 50% more stable than untreated softwood.

This treated timber is ideal for external cladding and other outside uses, with no need for additional treatment. However, it can be easily stained, just as normal planed softwood. It is also very stable and has a high resistance to decay and fungal attack


We believe in working with you to develop a harmonious design concept for your garden or grounds.

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