Timber garages are all varied in shape and form. We can build a standard single or double garage with up and over doors, or we can build a custom or bespoke design to your specification, if you have something a little more unusual in mind.
Don't forget, we can take control of the complete job, right from the groundworks, to the very last fitting, or if you prefer, we can liaise with your chosen contractor and do as much or as little as you choose.
Timber garages can include as many (or as few) fixed windows to meet your requirements. A personal door is also a popular option requested by many.
Joinery made casement windows and doors can be fitted as an option to any of our timber garages. Along with several roofing options including, felt shingle tiles, green mineral felt, composite slate tiles, or even clay or concrete tiles (NB. The use of clay or concrete tiles substantially alters the construction of the building to accommodate the extra weight).
We rarely ever make two garages the same.

So we have listed a few examples as a guide below with various options.

These examples of Double Garages, cladded with weatherboard cladding, 6"x6" supporting soft wood posts. Framed using 5"x2" pressure treated timber. Two sets of 10' double doors with heavy duty hook and band hinges. Any size can be made to your specification.


Our Carports & Stores are made by robust construction using 150mmx 50mm pressure treated framework, with 150mmx150mm square front elevation posts stands out from our competitors. All our timber framework is fully pressure tanalised with a 10-year timber treatment guarantee, with no need for further treatment. This Carport & Stores can be completely modified to suit your requirements. Please feel free to send us drawings of your design or call for a free no obligation site visit.


A sectional building is a great way of achieving a perfect building that can be assembled in a short time. All our buildings are on site construction, giving you the option to see the construction from start to finish and enabling the Choice to make minor design alterations throughout the build.

Below we can offer two options and of course we can give you a free no obligation quote for bespoke builds.


Framework, roof purlins on our sectional buildings are heavy duty 4"x2" pressure treated timber. All roofs are covered with ongeline roof sheets.

Set of 7' ledge and brace doors and single door with galvanised Hinges and pad bolts. 

Prices from £25 per sqft


Framework, roof purlins on our sectional buildings are heavy duty 5"x2" pressure treated timber. All roofs are tongue and groove cladding covered with rubber roof system glued down. Set of 7 joinery double doors, single joinery door, hook and band galvanised hinges, lock and handle sets.

Prices from £28 per sqft

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