In many cases, there is as much (sometimes more) work involved ‘in the ground’ before the building even goes up. Over the years our groundwork team have gained the expertise and knowledge to be able to hone the landscape to the desired requirement for each individual building.
Take advantage of our own landscaping and groundwork team and let us do the work for you. From even the smallest shed to the largest timber building, the integrity of the building can be severely compromised if the foundation is sub-standard. 

Many times we have arrived on site unable to install the building because an unsubstantial or unsuitable base – this is why we decided to offer our own groundwork service – so we know it will be right. 

Not only can we build the base for the required building, but our groundwork team can landscape the whole site should you wish. We can do ‘the works’ – driveways, drainage, landscaping, decking, we can even carry out the demolition of old buildings to make way for the new – the complete job! 

The art of getting the maximum life out of your new building, is to supply it with a good solid foundation. That is higher than the surrounding ground level. This will prevent water laying around the base of the building and soaking into the floor, which is the most common part of the structure to rot first. Timber Raft foundations , Concrete Slabs or strip foundation block work and timber on large buildings. We can prepare all the foundations needed for any size building at competitive prices, including drainage and landscaping. Below we have shown our prices for a Concrete Base or a Raft Platform Base for the foundations.



  Size Price Size Price Size Price
  6'x4' £200 14'x8' £800 14'x12' £1,200
  7'x5' £250 16'x8' £900 16'x12' £1,300
  6'x6' £280 10'x10' £680 18'x12' £1,500
  8'x6' £320 12'x10' £800 20'x12' £1,700
  10'x6' £400 14'x10' £1,000 20'x15' £2,000
  12'x6' £500 16'x10' £1,100 20'x18' £2,400
  8'x8' £400 18'x10' £1,300 20'x20' £2,900
  10'x8' £550 20'x10' £1,450 30'x15' £3,200
  12'x8' £680 12'x12' £1,000    




  Size Price Size Price Size Price
  6'x4' £80 12'x8' £250 20'x10' £800
  7'x5' £110 14'x8' £300 12'x12' £400
  6'x6' £130 16'x8' £420 14'x12' £560
  8'x6' £150 10'x10' £250 16'x12' £800
  10'x6' £180 12'x10' £300 18'x12' £960
  12'x6' £230 14'x10' £400 20'x12' £1,050
  8'x8' £180 16'x10' £520    
  10'x8' £230 18'x10' £650    

We offer a free, no obligation site survey to assess and advise you on the options available for your site. For ease and peace of mind why not let us manage the whole job from start to finish, from the turning of the first sod, to the laying of the last roof tile – the complete service, from a small base for a shed right up to landscaping of the whole site. 

Solid Garden Buildings provides professional support for every phase of your project. We take care of everything, from providing advice at the outset to providing support after completion.

Choose from a variety of options, ranging from a full planning service to individual advice, from the practical integration of existing elements to a complete redesign. Our work is always of the very highest standard - original ideas included!


Please contact us now to arrange a site visit for free to discuss what services we can provide for you.



We also offer a building removal service to save you the trouble of getting the area ready for your new building.

  6x4 £130
  5x7 £150
  6x8 £175
  6x10 £210
  8x10 £245
  8x12 £270

Larger and homemade buildings require a site visit. All sheds must be empty, and if applicable the electrics and water disconnected.

All sheds must be dismantled before the date your new shed is to be delivered, if it is not the installation team reserve the right to abort the removal of the old shed and then make a delivery only of your new building . A charge may be made for a return visit to remove the old shed and then install your new building. We will only remove the building, not the contents. If the building has internal cladding there will be an additional cost to remove.

We can not take down Asbestos.

Fencing - Patio - Driveways - Decking - Roof Tiling

We have catered for many customers who have asked us to come back and complete other works after there building. We also have had many recommendations from our customers & whatever the project, we always offer the best quality workmanship possible.


We believe in working with you to develop a harmonious design concept for your garden or grounds.

Looking for advice about your garden building. 

We'll be happy to drop by and give you some advice about your garden building.

Please just give us a call.

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